Sports Acupuncture

Used For the Treatment of Injuries, as Well As Preventative Medicine

Sports acupuncture is based on the integration of Western and Eastern orthopedic and rehabilitation techniques. It is a highly effective, safe, and drug-free approach to treating and preventing injuries. Anyone with an active lifestyle to an elite professional athlete can highly benefit from these treatments.


Injury recovery and prevention are the foundations of sports acupuncture. Acupuncture works by helping to restore internal balance within the body, decreasing inflammation and pain, while increasing range of motion, strength and flexibility. This holistic approach supports the entire system, speeding up recovery time while reducing the chances of re-injury.

In treating sports injuries, one of the major distinctions to general TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnosis, theory & treatment is the addition of using motor points. According to Matt Callison, L.Ac. from the Motor Point Index (MPI), a motor point is a small dime-sized area in every muscle where the nerve enters the muscle belly. Acute trauma, repetitive stress, and overuse can cause muscle dysfunction, damage to soft and connective tissue, and muscle imbalance. When the body is not working in balance, the body becomes more vulnerable to re-injury and chronic pain. By stimulating the motor points, a signal is sent to the brain to either strengthen a weak muscle or relax a contracted one. Using motor points for orthopedic disorders can increase strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

A typical session would include:

    • Medical history
    • Orthopedic assessment including range of motion, manual muscle testing, functional assessment
    • Acupuncture using specific motor points for muscles
    • Additional modalities such as electrical stimulation, heat, massage, PNF stretching, prescription of Chinese topical or internal herbs

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