3 Reasons Why Acupuncture is Great For Kids

A lot of people think acupuncture (yes, needles!) for kids does not exist. On the contrary, acupuncture works so well for so many childhood conditions. It is a great alternative to taking Western medications that can have side effects, and is a painless, relaxing treatment. While in acupuncture school, I did an internship at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. The acupuncture was a painless, safe, and effective treatment for nausea…

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4 Reasons Why All Men Should Get Acupuncture

Women typically are better about scheduling health treatments for themselves. Often times it takes debilitating symptoms for men to seek help. More recently, though, I feel like there is a shift going on in men’s health. Whereas in the past self-care treatments would have been considered ‘weak’, men are seeing the benefits to improve health, performance, and quality of life. You can often prevent illness or injury by doing things…

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Why You Need Acupuncture Before & After Surgery

Surgery can be a scary thing. Although best avoided, there are times where surgery is necessary. It can help you regain function and quality of life. Any procedure can have emotional and physical effects, but there are ways to minimize the negative effects of surgery. Being comfortable with your doctor is a must, so you feel good about the procedure and what it entails. Being at your best physically and…

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Joint Pain? 5 Best Supplements For You

Why Supplement? Should you get your nutrients from food or from supplements? I think a whole foods diet is ideal, although I know in reality life, work, and stress can wreck havoc on your ideal diet plan.  I like supplements to fill in the gaps and make sure you are getting all the stuff you need to live and function at your best. I also believe it is the culmination of…

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DIY Tendinosis Treatment

The How and Why: Don’t you mean tendonitis? I didn’t know there was a difference either until not too long ago. Tendonitis and tendinosis sound so similar, yet they are different conditions whose treatment can really impact your healing. Tendonitis is inflammation of the tissue, usually happening in acute situations, while tendinosis is degradation of the connective tissue, and is often caused by overuse and repetitive motion activities. Even small motions…

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acupuncture for triathletes

7 Recovery Tips for Triathletes

Train, Sweat, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. The athlete mentality is one-of-a-kind, and truly exceptional. I am constantly in awe of the abilities of the human body every time I witness athletes performing their craft. A triathlete is a unique type of person because they have to master not one sport, but three: endurance, will, and commitment to training has to be focused and consistent. The mental aspect is also a huge factor…

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Four Ways to Master Your Sleep

Sleep is one of those priceless golden nuggets in life.  Consistent good sleep can make you feel full of energy to give to your day, have endless possibilities of amazing experiences, can make you feel on top of your game and on top of the world. Bad sleep can suck the life out of you, and can make you feel a zombie, unmotivated and unwilling to do anything but the…

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acupuncture for athletes

3 Reasons Why Every Athlete Should Get Acupuncture

For the first time ever the 2014 Tour de France REALLY caught my attention as it was the first time I had ever heard acupuncture mentioned in relation to the athletes.  Astana was the only team to take their own acupuncturist to the Tour – and one of their cyclists Vicenzo Nibali won! This Wall Street Journal article explains how the team used acupuncture almost every day, twice a day,…

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acupuncture to quit smoking

Use Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

Use Acupuncture to Quit Smoking   Why Quit? We all know that smoking causes cancer, but once you look at the numbers you realize the severity of the problem. Each puff of a cigarette houses 4,000 chemicals, including arsenic, ammonia, acetone, carbon monoxide, and many other cancer-causing agents. Smoking increases the risk of stroke, lung cancer, COPD, infertility, premature delivery, low birth weight, and stillbirth. It also causes many forms…

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acupuncture side effects

Top 3 Side Effects of Acupuncture

During an Acupuncture Treatment Acupuncture is one of the safest treatments available with very few side effects. Acupuncture needles are sterile, disposable, thin, and stainless steel, so nothing is being injected. During an acupuncture treatment, the needles are placed in various areas throughout the body, usually in muscles, around joints, and superficial areas of the skin. Some needles you may feel more than others, but usually it feels like a…

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