4 Reasons Why All Men Should Get Acupuncture

Women typically are better about scheduling health treatments for themselves. Often times it takes debilitating symptoms for men to seek help. More recently, though, I feel like there is a shift going on in men’s health. Whereas in the past self-care treatments would have been considered ‘weak’, men are seeing the benefits to improve health, performance, and quality of life. You can often prevent illness or injury by doing things…

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acupuncture for athletes

3 Reasons Why Every Athlete Should Get Acupuncture

For the first time ever the 2014 Tour de France REALLY caught my attention as it was the first time I had ever heard acupuncture mentioned in relation to the athletes.  Astana was the only team to take their own acupuncturist to the Tour – and one of their cyclists Vicenzo Nibali won! This Wall Street Journal article explains how the team used acupuncture almost every day, twice a day,…

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